Signs, Cosigns, Tangeancy

by Galileo

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Our world is broken.


released August 1, 2013

Incredible thanks to Jonathan Vair Duncan for the beautiful album artwork.



all rights reserved


Galileo Columbia, South Carolina

I just want to be a wolf, make music, and sleep.

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Track Name: When I Write Of Man: The Prayer (feat. Melissa Andrews)
When I write of man, it is not of men
This is not a collection of words about men
This is a prayer of a man
One man
One flesh and blood
Fighting his love
Fearful child of the cosmos

It’s not unfounded.
A twenty something writing words
About love and jilts and sour words for men that have passed by
Boys more like

But these memories are too fresh to have soured
The words not yet yellow with age and loss
These words…
The words…
Track Name: These Eyes & These Hands
don't know where you'll sleep.
but you will not weep.
instead let me know.
you said where to go.

these eyes and these hands have lived a lifetime.
these eyes and these hands have tried to take lives.
these eyes and these hands can't repay what they've done.
if you could forgive you'd be the only one.

somehow, you remain
content and still sane.
don't know where I'd be
if you forgot me.

my eyes and my hands look to a lifetime.
my eyes and my hands still must reconcile:
we can't judge the world. not by what we see.
I better never let the world change me.

Ricky. Ricky. Ricky.

I will never forget your name.
you made me look at my hands.
what do I create? what seeds have I sown?
when I give up ghost that will be all I own.
Track Name: Signs
1: "your hand in mine
you grasp my fingers so tight.
where will we go?
unwelcome clouds block the sun.

no matter what the future holds
cling to me.
although I'm not the one you need.
I can't be
the owner of your destiny.
I have tried.
if only he would speak to me
give a sign."

2: "please understand
I'm safe when you hold my hand.
they want our blood.
there's no place for us to run.

no matter what the future holds
remain mine.
I don't want to be on my own,
left behind.
so don't you dare leave me
dead inside.
so if anyone is listening
give a sign."
Track Name: Samson
Samson, lay down your head.
It's not your fault, if they are dead.
You're on your way.

Samson, close your eyes.
It's not for you to save their lives.
So rest away.

Samson, Samson, Samson

You've packed your bags, but you're not sure
Leaving home and all that's pure
To hide behind.

Samson, you've been here before
But now you've got a whole new world.
Take it in stride.

Samson, Samson, Samson

Samson, you're all alone.
So profoundly on your own,
Yet you find joy.

Samson, teach me grace
To take your footsteps in your place.
Tell your story.

Not one will remember your name,
But you don't make claims to fame.
You're just passing through.

Samson, open your eyes.
Your smile's enough to change their lives.
I won't forget you.

Samson, Samson, Samson

Samson, wake us up.
Show me that this life’s enough.
Make us anew.

Samson, take the path
To cure the world of all its wrath.
Make us like you.

The brokenness won’t tear you down.
You still find life all around.
It’s all that we need.

Samson, bring alive
All the death that plagues my life.
You'll take the lead.

Samson, Samson, Samson
Track Name: When I Write Of Man: The Hope (feat. Melissa Andrews)
I don’t have the words
I can’t explain to you why I hold that moment
I can’t show you the way the light held to each of us
The way we could barely see each other
With our eyes and our hearts
The dimmest, faintest light
A candle in my heart
A tiny light in the darkest space
As we sped like comets through the black night
Caught in one another’s gravity
The weight of you pulling me closer
Closer into you and farther out into space

We went into that black night
In truth unafraid of what we were yet to know
And as we passed through fields of twinkling stars

The world outside became a vacuum, devoid of sound and heat and life
A vacuum, in which we were the only things to exist
And that tiny candle
Tiny candle in my heart
Burned brighter than a billion stars

We went into that black night
Straight down that road, away from nowhere, to someplace
Fleeing our universe to find life anew
From someplace to there, and from there… to here
Track Name: Ikana
There's no one else that makes me feel
like winning's not enough.
So I need you to keep things real.
Show them what we're made of!
Stay with me.
Set me free.

You're with me.
You've set me free.
All I know
is you're all I need!

Before I took your hand in mine
the world was quite unkind.
But now that you're right by my side
my will to live's not mine.
Take my hand.
Hold me close.

You're with me.
You've set me free.
All I know
is you're all I need--C'mon!

Our destiny
stretches as far
as the eye can see.
Come with me.
We can make the world right
just you and me!
Track Name: Confession (feat. Nyxis)
I pity all the suitors lined up in the streets.
It's hard not to laugh when no one's in your league.
Sex won't satiate my lust for glory.
I'll be on the cover of every animated story.

I could sing about my comrades' untimely end,
And how life's too short to rescue all my friends,
Or peasants, and gossip, and ominous signs,
Yet I already tire of escapes and fine wines.

I traded a normal life for one with no regrets.
True love and friendship won't repay my debts.
I'll never become your fairy tale beaux,
But, baby, I will always be your antihero.

I wanted to play the part of me so badly.
I butchered the actors while I kissed them madly.
I'm sorry you could never see things my way.
But I'm really a monster. Know what? That's okay!

This is my confession.
This is my confession.
I died for my reflection.
This is my confession.
Track Name: Wrinkled Papers & Bloody Sheets
do you know the balancing
of the clouds?
teach what us to say to Him.
no one looks on the light
when it's bright in the skies.
it's too bright in the skies.
it's too bright in the sky.

from whence does this knowledge come?
i can't hold it above me.
in wrinkled papers? in bloody sheets?
i can't hold it above me.
my arms are broken.
my arms are broken.
my arms are broken.

is there a way to pierce the light
with my own vision?
to the snow He says,
'fall on the earth'.
likewise to the downpour,
His mighty downpour,
His mighty downpour.

at this my heart trembles.
it leaps out of place.
He lets it go.
He let me go.
by the breath of God,
by the grace of God,
ice is given.
moonlight on the light house-
the moonlight is my light house.
Track Name: When I Write Of Man: The Truth (feat. Melissa Andrews)
A cosmic wonder to only happen once
Two comets twisting about the other
Until one is forced out of gravity.

The paths split
But no supernova
No explosion no stars born no energy expounded

Floating away
The tiny candle in my heart

Kept me warm all these years
Floating among the debris of the universe
The lost broken bits
Belts and bands and fields of dust
Asteroids and space junk together we ease through the void
Against all hope

That I’ll catch gravity again
And fall
And fall
And fall and plummet and let that little candle ignite my whole self
Crashing towards the ground
White hot
Shining like the brightest star in blissful serenity

Before I crash and become nothing more than space junk
Track Name: Myriad Part II: Tangeancy
This is our house.
We built it together.
I carried the beams.
I nailed them together.

But now you're gone.
You left me behind.
You said that you
had something to find.